When I first started designing wedding dresses, I told my husband that I loved bridal so much, I would do it for free...and as any entrepreneur knows, sometimes that still happens! Through it all, I've always done it for the love...and now here we are, launching for the LOVE of LOVE print edition and website.

I've been blogging for years now, and always thought I might write a book (who knows, maybe I will one day!) but the idea of a quarterly printed magazine popped in my head, and feels like the perfect place to share gorgeous fine-art wedding photography, our real brides, and give all of the creative talents we collaborate with a more permanent place to shine. The digital world is powerful, but it's also fleeting. I wanted to create something tangible...printed pages filled with beauty and inspiration.

We're starting out small, just our little team doing it all in-house. Crazy I know, but let's see how far we can go with your support! This feels like a culmination of my dreams and all of my loves...beautiful dresses, flowers, fine art photography, the written word, and more than anything, a celebration of love.

Claire Pettibone