Crystal Candle - Smoky Quartz Smoked Absinthe

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These hand poured scented candles make a beautiful gift to those you love, or a treat for yourself.

Smoky Quartz - The stone of grounding said to promote calmness, serenity, and stability. This candle is topped with a smoky quartz point, smoky quartz chips, and silver-grey mica.

Scent - Smoked Absinthe - woodsy, spicy, bold scents of star anise, absinthe, and smoldering cedar wood.

Each candle is hand-poured with hand-placed gems and botanicals. No two candles are the same.

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Please allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery.

Before lighting, remove gems from top of candle and place somewhere special.

  • Made in US
  • Ingredients: coconut soy wax, cotton wicks, recycled glass
  • Size 12oz | 70 burn hours